Occupational Nurses(OHN)

OHNs are registered nurses who independently observe and assess the worker’s health status with respect to job tasks and hazards. Our occupational health nurses are all licensed and their specialized experience and education prevent health effects from hazardous exposures and treat workers’ injuries/illnesses. Our occupational health nurses can:

• identify and treat occupational and non-occupational injuries and illnesses

• conduct testing or screening programs (for example, audiometric testing, pulmonary function testing, ergonomic assessments, alcohol and drug testing, blood pressure screening)

• conduct fitness to work and assess potential employees’ fitness to perform particular jobs

• provide emergency care in the workplace and arrange for further care if necessary

• provide health counseling and initiate referral services to other health care professionals (for example, psychologists, physiotherapists)

• promote compliance with legislation and regulations related to health and safety and Workers’ Compensation

• facilitate disability case management by co-coordinating health care and early intervention to promote the safe and timely return to work of ill or injured employees

• assess work environments to identify health and safety hazards and recommend control measures, or work with an occupational health and safety team to keep work environments as safe as possible

• collect and assess data (for example, incidents of illness, injury) to identify trends and evaluate the effectiveness of safety or wellness programs

• prepare incident reports and maintain records

• establish and maintain confidential employee health records

• Utilize research findings to support proposals to management and create health and safety policies.

In addition to that, we are proud of our nurses because they:

1. Understand industrial hygiene principles

2. Have knowledge of toxicology and epidemiology as related to the employee and the work site.

3. Have special knowledge of workplace hazards