About Us

Corporate Health SA is a wellness organization comprised of network of health practitioners/service providers. We offer a holistic approach to employee health and wellness. We have existed since January 2007. We offer more than seven specialized health services through our orthotist/prothetist, dentists, audiologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, optometrists, homeopath practitioners and occupational health nurses. Today we are proud to be the only wellness company in South Africa that offers wellness services in conjunction with specialist- doctors. We also have nurses who specialize in health assessments and voluntary counseling and testing (VCT). Apart from the health screening and nursing, we offer stress management and team building activities. We are still recruiting more practitioners to cater for our-ever growing demand of our wellness services.
The cause for our campaign is the fact that all employees should have periodic health screenings as part of routine primary care, especially since many diseases are silent or asymptomatic. Employees with health problems have the adverse effect of reducing profitability by causing mistakes/accidents which could have been avoided if proper wellness programs were implemented. We fully understand the importance of health screenings in occupational wellness and therefore we offer all our screening services for free. We take pride in our service providers who have a lot of experience in occupational health and wellness. All our health practitioners are registered with the Health professions Council of South Africa.