Welcome to Corporate Health South Africa

Corporate Health South Africa is one of the leading health wellness organisations in South Africa. Corporate Health SA is about empowering staff, making them aware of any health issues they may have and preventing future illness. Effective wellness programs have shown to improve the health and well being of employees and facilitate organisational changes, such as reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.
An investment in your employee’s health is an investment in the growth and sustainability of your company. Studies show that when employees improve their health, employers have fewer medical and disability claims, fewer absentees, and greater productivity.
Corporate Health SA works with companies to create customized wellness programs to promote a healthier workforce. Whether you are looking for a large, comprehensive program or just to fill-in some gaps in your current program, we will work with you to create a sustainable, cost-effective solution.
More than 500 reputable companies and organisations have benefited from our health screening programs.

Our health programs can cover a broad range of health areas (including weight management, nutrition education, hearing screening, dental testing, prostate cancer screening, haemoglobin tests, smoking cessation, etc). With the vast experience of occupational health, we will work with you to improve the health and wellbeing of your staff. We never compromise on quality, ensuring we not only meet our clients’ needs, but also exceed them.
The cause for our campaign is the fact that all employees should have periodic health screenings as part of routine primary care, especially since many diseases are silent or asymptomatic. Employees with health problems have the adverse effect of reducing profitability by causing mistakes/accidents which could have been avoided if proper wellness programs were implemented. We fully understand the importance of health screenings in occupational wellness and therefore we offer all our screening services for free. We take pride in our service providers who have a lot of experience in occupational health and wellness. All our health practitioners are registered with the Health professions Council of South Africa.

Simply give us a call on +27 (011) 025 6821 or email us enquiries@corporatehealthysa.co.za.